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Data is both a challenge and a game-changer. It’s coming from multiple sources and can be difficult to utilize. If your data is consolidated and standardized, analyzing it becomes easier, results are more accurate, and actionable insights can emerge that may drastically impact your team’s success.

Asset managers now use more third-party data to segment, generate leads, and match products to client and prospect interests. Each third-party source has a unique format and data elements that can change often—especially broker dealer data packs. The effort required to consume disparate data from multiple sources amplifies the cost of third-party data, reduces the benefit, and even deters some asset managers from investing in it.

LumaSuite is a cloud-based solution that helps you ingest and leverage your data more easily and expeditiously. Your third-party sources are processed, standardized into a single data format, and even optionally reconciled securely with your existing FORPT (Firm, Office, Rep, Partnership, Team) data. This standardized data is provided to you as a set of consistent and reliable files that can be consumed by your enterprise systems (such as CRM, marketing, analytics, reporting), data warehouses, or data lakes.

We want to partner with you to maximize the value of your third-party data

Make your data work for you


  • Maximizes your investment in third-party data by bringing disparate data together
  • Alleviates the burden of manually formatting data, giving you more time to analyze and discover valuable insights
  • Accelerates speed to market as it’s much simpler to add and use new data sources to identify the best targets


  • Simplifies data stewardship by processing your data and returning it to you in a consistent, reliable, and consumable file set
  • Promotes data sets to the applications your BI, analytics, sales, and marketing teams already use so they can interact easily with the most recent intelligence
  • Allows you to adjust rapidly to changes in the market and investors’ appetites, by getting new data into the hands of your teams quickly


  • Automates and outsources manual data formatting processes, reducing reliance on IT
  • Returns reliable and consistent aggregations of your data, allowing your teams to act on what’s most recent and relevant
  • Strengthens trust in your data and insights

How LumaSuite works

Each third-party data source typically has slightly different demographic and intelligence data, in a unique format and with data elements that can change often. (Broker dealer data packs vary the most over time and from one another.) Our service aggregates your data sources, applies business rules that we define with you, standardizes the data, and provides it back to you as a standard file set.


SalesPage and AdvisorTarget partner to deliver advisor intent data to SalesPage clients

11/09/2021 by John Pumphrey

AdvisorTarget continuously captures, profiles, and signals financial advisors’ active buying behaviors based on their daily editorial reading habits on select financial websites like Nasdaq. By bundling their intent data within our Advisor Atlas team data structure you can see searching activity tied accurately to purchase and redemption activity. Provided as a single source that you can input directly to your CRM or data lake, no internal resources are required to bring these multiple, complex sources together. We are excited to partner with AdvisorTarget and to share this news with you! For more details, check out this post.

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Data considerations ensure a smoother transition with your next merger & acquisition

03/11/2021 by Warren Fitzpatrick

You wake up in the morning, scroll through the list of emails that filled your inbox, and scan the headlines. Another announcement of a merger & acquisition that’s being explored or executed. This doesn’t come as a surprise. PwC’s Mutual Fund Outlook notes an expectation that up to 20% of today’s mutual fund firms will be bought or eliminated by 2025. Financial Times article, M&A in 2021: asset management primed for consolidation, explains how we’ll see more of these in 2021 alone. As fewer players get bigger, so does their data and the colossal task of bringing it together to activate it for distribution. In this article, we share data considerations that will help you (as the acquirer) have a smoother transition with your next merger & acquisition.

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ETF data – Right-sizing a strategy for gaining intelligence

02/18/2021 by Beverly Dube

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are gaining popularity as passive, low-cost, high-performance investment vehicles. While being traded on the secondary market delivers accessibility to investors, you lose transparency on who owns your products. Data providers supply some clues, but challenges arise when you combine multiple sources to gain visibility. In this article, we unpack ETF data—highlighting the benefits and complexities of each source—and recommend three strategies based on where you are in the ETF market. The most effective strategy will right-size the number of sources balanced against the cost of combining them.

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Increase your ROI from broker dealer data packs with LumaSuite

Case in point

You have three data sources with demographic and intelligence data about a rep, John Smith. When those sources are processed by LumaSuite, we compare and consolidate information from each source, and then provide you with rep outbound files that show a comprehensive view of John Smith according to your business and data strategies.

Example of data standardized with LumaSuite

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LumaSuite is a data standardization service offered by SalesPage Technologies, LLC and powered by SalesPage’s service bureau and distribution data platform. LumaSuite is available for all firms that verify the data being handled by LumaSuite is either owned by the firm or properly licensed from a third-party provider. Prior to processing data, SalesPage will certify that LumaSuite is compliant with the licensing requirements firms have agreed to with their third-party data providers. SalesPage’s data privacy pledge ensures all data is handled independently and confidentially. For more detail, read our pledge.